Why Join BB Brunei?

Lack of discipline may cause a child to become insecure and confused.  Excessively strict discipline, on the other hand, risks curbing the child's spirit of adventure and may cause him to become fearful.

Unnecessarily harsh restrictions on freedom leads to open rebellion against authority in later years.  Disciplining a child is not a matter of giving out punishment.  Children have very different temperaments and require varying methods of disciplining guidance.  If the child can "talk you out" to do things his own way, he has already "climb up your head" and breached your authority as a parent in control.  Correct it before it is too late.  Give your child a head start in good discipline and sound character.

No, thanks!Raising a strongly principled child does not preclude the child from having friendship with others.  However, it may necessiate a decision to change the crowd of friends with which the child presently associates.  This can be a painful experience for the child, but there are two things you can do to help the child come to the decision to do that.

First, teach the child what a good friend really is.  in the light of this, have the child evaluate the friendship he has.  Then have the child set sights on the type of friends he would like to have.

Second, remind the child of the consequences of wrong.  Since they are young and impressionable, showing them the end result of wrong behaviour is essential for the child to be able to withstand the lure of belonging to a peer group.

Membership recruitment starts NOW.  If your child is 7½ to 8 years of age you can take him to St. Andrew's School every Sunday afternoon and see us there.  Weekly Brigade parade starts at 1:30 - 5:00 pm.  The Boys' Brigade Brunei provides challenging and healthy activities to supplement the development of good discipline and character building in a child.  Our programme is geared towards spiritual, social, mental and physical well-being of every child.  We have been in this business since 1964.

If you want to keep your child busy call the entertainment people.  If you want your child to have a good head start in life, call us at 8856757 (Andy), or 8766 073 / 265 3366 (Walter).